Get to know your Bra Sisters at Confidentially Yours!

Alexandria Stewart

1. What is your favorite product in the store and why? I would have to say that I have a favorite brand over a favorite product. I love anything by Freya! Freya’s bras are always adorable and they fit me like a glove. I also love their swimwear!

2 Why do you like working at CY? I started working here when I was in college and I fell in love with everything about this store especially the customers, the employees, and the products. I became a certified mastectomy fitter just a few years after I started. I am inspired by the strength and courage of the women that I have met over the last several years. I believe that everyone has a calling in life, and I found mine right here at CY. I am very blessed!

3 Where is your favorite place to eat in town? I love eating anywhere in Downtown Champaign, but my favorite is Ko Fusion!

4 How long have you been fitting? I have been fitting at CY for 7 ½ years.

Geraldine Tierney

Geraldine has been with CY for seven years! As a sales associate Geraldine assists customers, provides fittings, helps to keep the store organized, and so much more! When she's not working at CY, Geraldine is gardening, doing yoga or strength training at the gym, or at the library. When asked about her favorite items in the store, she says, "Awareness, Extreme Control, Vivid Encounter, Perfect Primer, and Annette. Because of the fit, form, and function."

Mary Sandahl

1. What is your favorite product in the story and why? My favorite product in the store would be Eucalan. Customers get educated on how to take care of their bras and lingerie.

2. Why do you like working at CY? I like working at Cy because I enjoy helping women out in picking out bra styles that will fit them properly and enjoy their smiles after they try on bras and are happy when they leave the store.

3. Where is your favorite place to eat in town? Favorite place to eat in town would be Manzella’s Italian Restaurant. Of course I have my favorites depending on cuisine!

4. How long have you been fitting? I have fitting for almost 6 years.

Dianna Shearer

Diana joined the CY team in 2018 as the CY Insurance Specialist. When asked about her favorite item, she says, "It's impossible for me to only list one item! I adore the Natori bras, and the Red Carpet strapless, as well as the Valetta tops! Not only are they comfortable but I can wear them anytime day or night!". When Dianna she is at home with her furry children, Hank and Heidi. Or, she's spending time with her adult children.

Christine Kettlewell

Christine has been with CY for years. She says "I love working at CY! My boss and co-workers are the best. It feels more like a family than anything else!". Christine is CY's Back Office Supervisor and also helps with retail sales. Her favorite item in the store is Chantelle...but also Wacoal's bra, Halo Lace. She loves the style, comfort, and shape that it gives. When she isn't working at CY, you can find Christine learning to speak Korean and Chinese, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

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