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Confidentially Yours Now Introduces Custom Breast Forms:

Scans are now available on-site - call for details:

Whether you have a mastectomy, lumpectomy, reconstruction or Poland Syndrome, Virage handcrafted breast forms, made in the USA can fit your needs. Virage Breast Forms custom products include complete and partial breast prostheses in various styles and colors, individually handcrafted to restore symmetry and natural appearance.

All of their custom products are individually handcrafted, giving each woman a natural, custom fit. The chest wall contour is captured through laser scanning so the breast form fits like a puzzle piece and hugs the chest wall. Virage Breast Forms come in skin tone options, nipple designs, and nipple colors. You can handpick the color and size of the breast form, including the nipple. This means you will have an expertly fitted breast prosthesis that is perfect for your body.