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Our bra sizes can change radically over the course of our lifetimes, due to diet, stress, menstrual rhythms, pregnancy, medication, and aging. And you may not be the same size in every type and brand of bra! 

To see if you are wearing the correct size, ask yourselves these questions:

1. Is the bra comfortable? The bra shouldn’t make your back ache, poke you, or irritate your skin. This seems like a no-brainer, but many women have gotten used to wearing uncomfortable clothing, and often don’t realize that they can have a bra that is pretty and comfortable, too -- it just needs to fit correctly! 

2. Is the back strap pulling up? If so, the shoulder straps are taking too much of the weight of the breasts, and the band isn’t doing its job. Slip your straps down and see how much the bra sags. It shouldn’t sag more than a little.

3. Does any part of your breast fall outside the cup? The cup is too small.

4. Is there a gap inside the cup? The cup is too big.

5. Does the section between the cups sit flat against the body? It should.

6. Does the bra leave marks on your shoulders at the end of the day? If so, the bra isn’t supporting you properly.

7. Are the straps falling down or do you keep having to tighten them? Chances are, the elastic is worn out.

8. If the bra is an underwire, does it sit directly under your bust and not ride too low? The wires should follow your natural shape, and not poke in any way.

9. Does the bra look droopy or out-of-shape? If it’s the proper size, it should fit snugly and look smooth.

If you have any of these problems with your bras, come on in and let our certified fitters guide you toward a more comfortable, supportive bra. You’ll feel better immediately!

Fitting Services at Confidentially Yours

An estimated 85% of women wear the wrong bra, so come to Confidentially Yours for your next purchase to receive the proper fit. A bra that doesn't fit can make you look older and heavier. A great fitting bra does more than make your clothes look and fit better. It can help improve your self image and self confidence.

We make the bra selection and fitting process simple, easy, and comfortable with bra fittings ($25 fitting fee - waived with purchase) and certified mastectomy fitting services. The CY staff is trained to provide you with the best possible fit for a bra or swimsuit. Learn more about our certified fitting services here.

Post Surgical Bra Fitting

We would always recommend a professional bra fitting where possible. Choosing a post-surgery bra follows much the same process as for all bras, although there are some important points to consider.

Visit our store for our post-surgical bra fitting services. Our experts are certified and trained in the latest in post-surgical bra wear.

Confidentially Yours is certified by:

  • ABC (American Board of Certification) Facility Accreditation. CY received a perfect rating in all areas.
  • Amoena and other leading manufacturers.