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Sizing Guide

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Bra Sizing Guide

An estimated 85% of women wear the wrong bra, so come to Confidentially Yours for your next purchase to receive the proper fit. We make the bra selection and fitting process simple, easy, and comfortable with complimentary bra fittings and certified mastectomy fitting services. The CY staff is trained to provide you with the best possible fit for a bra or swimsuit.

When you’re not able to come to the store for a professional and certified fitting, here are some helpful tips and charts to reference when you are measuring yourself from home.

Band Size

Place your tape measure around your rib cage, horizontal to the ground. Measurer should be pulled tight, but not cutting into the skin.

If Your Measurement is:27-29″29-32″33-34″35-39″39-41″42-43″44-45″46-47″48-49″
Then Your Band Size is:323436384042444648

If the band feels too tight, keep going up in the cup before you try the next band size up. The band fit is 80% of the fit of the bra! Don’t sacrifice this very important component!

Cup Size

In order to determine cup size there are two things to think about:

  • Are you spilling out of your current cup? If so, trying going up one cup size.
  • Is there a gap in your current cup? If so, trying going down one size.

If either of these are issues in your current bra cup size then considering going up or down a size when purchasing your new bra. If you have any questions at all about this, feel free to reach out to your Bra Sisters at Confidentially Yours by calling (217) 366-0244 or email info@cybras.com.

US-Sized Bra Cup Conversion

International bra size measurement systems vary. At Confidentially Yours, we carry brands that are in US sizing, UK sizing, and European sizing.


Size Chart

Some items that we carry at Confidentially Yours come in dress sizes. Use this chart to help you approximate your size:

Waist23-24″23-24″25-26″27-28″29-30″31-33″ 34-36″37-39″40-42″
Hips32-33″32-33″34-35″36-37″38-39″ 40-42″43-45″46-48″49-51″

Helpful Tips

Every bra style fits a bit differently. You may have the correct size, but not every bra is the right style to suit your body. That’s where your Bra Sisters come in. At Confidentially Yours we offer complimentary bra fittings to help you find your best fit! If you are not able to come into the store for a professional fitting, then here are a few tips from your Bra Sisters to help make sure you order the best bra for you!

  • The center of the bra should lie flat against your chest without a gap.
  • Try lifting your arms up and down. If your bra is the right fit, it should stay in place.
  • Your band should be level all the way around your back. If it rides up, it is either too large or needs to be tightened.
  • Your underwire should lie flat against your ribcage.
  • There shouldn’t be any spilling out of the top, sides, or bottom of your bra.
  • If the cups are wrinkling or puckering, go down a cup size.
  • Your bra should fit comfortably on the first hook upon purchasing.

Need Assistance?

We are here to help! Learn more about our fitting services here or stop in for a complimentary bra fitting. Or give us a call at (217) 366-0244 or email us at info@cybras.com.