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Help! What’s My Bra Size? A Helpful Conversion.

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August 18, 2020

When was the last time that you were properly fitted for a bra or specialty undergarments? Take a minute and really think about it….we aren’t talking about struggling to independently size yourself by taking several bras to the fitting room, figuring out which fits the best without opening the door, and bashfully placing the items on the countertop to pay…or, maybe you are the type of person who would rather purchase your undergarments without trying them on.

Are you the type of person who cringes when being professionally fitted hoping that the associate working with you doesn’t announce your recently measured size so loudly that everyone in the fitting room hears? Chances are fairly high that at some point in your life, you’ve found yourself in one of these situations.

Lucky for you, we’re referring to the professional, courteous, and complimentary bra fittings that are offered in-store at Confidentially Yours on a daily basis. If you haven’t been fitted lately, the process is quick, easy, discreet, and no appointment is needed. Trained, friendly bra sisters pride themselves in assisting shoppers in selecting the bras and shapewear that best meet their personal needs, preferences, body style, and budget. In fact, the most difficult part of the bra fitting is narrowing the selection and deciding which to purchase when the fitting is completed. That is the aspect of the decision that requires the most input on your behalf. Confidentially Yours carries a vast selection of color choices, band widths, and cup sizes for our shoppers to choose from; therefore, the bra sisters are often able to match a shopper to the undergarment of their choice, best fit, and optimal comfort. Professional bra fitters recommend being measured and fitted for a bra on a yearly basis.

At Confidentially Yours, we are a specialty boutique store, and we carry a wide variety of high-end bras. Some of these bras and undergarments are often manufactured outside of the United States. Due to different manufacturing guidelines in other countries, sizing can often be quite different than what some women are familiar or are comfortable with. Shoppers may even find themselves surprised that the size of bra that best fits them may be vastly different from what they have purchased at a department store or have ordered online. Knowing this information before arriving at the store and being measured can be a comfort to some shoppers.

After a fitting has been completed, we often hear “what is my size at a regular store?” We are proud to be a “regular” store and so much more. Confidentially Yours is locally owned and offers a selection of the bras, panties, swimwear, shapewear, and other undergarments that you might typically shop for; however, our personable customer service, friendly bra sisters, vast selection, easy to navigate store, and our rewards program are just a few of the things that set us apart from your typical department store experience.

Since we carry many bras manufactured in the United Kingdom, one of the most common questions that we receive from our shoppers is the difference between bras sized in the US and the UK. Often, standardizations are not present in sizing within the bra industry; therefore, high-end lingerie and undergarments often reveal a fairly significant difference in sizing that we are accustomed to in our typical size reflections. This can lead to variations between band and cup size within same brands, manufacturers, etc. Knowing this information before you go in to try on new undergarments can help to alleviate any concerns or uneasiness that you might have about your new purchase. Being dressed to impress can help to improve your confidence and overall positive mental attitude, and this starts with the core of your wardrobe – your undergarments.

Department stores typically sell brands featuring standard US sizing. Shoppers may find themselves disheartened to learn that their UK or European bra sizes seem so much larger, but this is not reason for concern. The chart shown below is a handy resource for shoppers wishing to convert their expected size to measurements that are provided from bras manufactured in other countries. Don’t worry…if you can’t find this chart the next time that you are in the store, the bra sisters have you covered. They work with these conversions on a daily basis. If you have been eyeing a new bra or bralette but are hesitant to try it because of the sizing, keep this chart on hand for future reference.

According to, “Every brand will do their sizing a little differently, that’s why we recommend double-checking the measurements every time you buy a collection from a new brand. More importantly, perhaps, is to consider the style of the bra you’re purchasing, especially if the type of fit is wildly different. For example, you may need to size up or down when shopping for a lace bralette compared to a deep plunge bra.” Personal preference can also play a role in the desired outcome of the bra purchase (i.e. are you looking for minimization, enhancement, etc). The bra sisters at CY can make recommendations if you are unsure of which style of bra would best meet your wardrobe needs, as well as personal preferences.

So, if you’ve been eyeing a new brand of undergarments or a new style of bra to compliment your wardrobe, do yourself a favor and try it. Don’t be afraid to step inside the comfortable fitting room and slip on one of the silky robes and confidently ask for help in being fitted and selecting your new undergarments. Stepping outside of your comfort zone just might lead you to some of the best things that you never knew you were missing out on. We hope that this helps you to recognize that a size is just a numerical value, and the perfect bra for you might be just within your reach. The bra babes eagerly await the opportunity to assist you in converting your measurements and helping you to find the most comfortable and supportive bra to meet your needs. You just have to make the hard decisions and decide what color, style, and how many new undergarments that you need.