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Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet With Activewear That Actually Fits!

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January 9, 2020

Workout with confidence in 2020 with the best bra for your workout! Did you know more than 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size? Don’t be a statistic! Unlike everyday bras, a sports bra is specifically designed to deliver support (and comfort) while you exercise.

Nearly every form of exercise will make your breasts move or bounce, regardless of the size of bra that you wear. When choosing a sports bra it is important to consider the type of exercise you will be doing. Are you running or jogging? Perhaps you’re participating in high-impact aerobics classes? Or maybe you’re beginning your exercise journey with low-impact walking or yoga. It is important that you get the right fit for your intended activity level.

Keep in mind the type of exercise you will be doing when you think about the type of sports bra that you need. You will aim to choose a bra that will provide you with the right support while ensuring you are comfortable. Here are a few ways you can narrow down your sports bra search, based on your activity level:

  • Encapsulation sports bras: Encapsulation and compression technology holds your breasts securely in place, helping to reduce movement so that nothing holds you back!
  • Compression sports bras: Compressing the breast tissue close to the body provides maximum support and minimizes any unwanted movement.
  • High impact sports bras: If you’re off and running, literally, you’ll want to reduce bounce. A high impact sports bra can reduce bounce by up to 83%!
  • Low impact sports bras: Ease your way into exercise with a low impact sports bra. These bras provide comfort and movement – perfect for yoga and casual walking.


This is a sport bra like no other! The Wacoal Sports Underwire Bra is designed for women of all shapes and sizes. It has a unique outside underwire that minimizes the movement of the breasts during workouts of any intensity.



  • Underwire sport bra for high-impact activities
  • Two-ply fabric cups
  • Cups with hidden inner sling for extra support in G and H cup sizes
  • Outside underwire frame keeps breast motion to a minimum
  • Moisture-wicking fabric helps to keep skin dry
  • Mesh back helps to keep skin cool
  • Close-set back straps with slide-and-hook adjustment

When trying on your sports bra, don’t be afraid to go into your favorite yoga poses or run in place. Pro tip: stretch your hands up over your head. If the band creeps up, the bra is too big. Another great test to ensure your sports bra is the correct size is the finger slide. Slide a finger under the band and pull out. You shouldn’t be able to pull it more than an inch.


We Are Here For You

Still not sure which sports bra is the best choice for you? No need to worry! The staff at Confidentially Yours is trained to provide you with the best possible fit for an everyday bra, sports bra, or swimsuit. Walk-ins are always welcome, or, schedule an appointment at (217) 366-0244.