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To wear or not to wear a bra? The truth about going braless during the Stay At Home Order

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April 9, 2020

Have your bra-wearing habits loosened up, literally and figuratively, since the stay at home order went into place? It might sound good and feel free and liberating, but there are some pros and cons to weigh. Now let’s dive into the details! 

Thought: Comfort – it just feels good to “let it all go” now that I can!

It’s really the main reason…so need we say more?

Reality: Deliveries, house mates, ZOOM calls, etc.

Think about your daily home habits and the people that you live with. You may feel some temporary comfort, but it may not be sustainable over time and it’s not great for your breasts, either. We explain more below. 

Thought: It’s better for your breasts to NOT wear a bra.

There have been discussions that share that women who wear bras have saggier breasts compared those who don’t, and that by not wearing a bra could improve the shape of the breasts. We totally disagree. Read below.

Reality: Damage to your breasts

In reality, wearing a bra preserves the delicate connection between the mammary gland and the pectoral muscles known as the Cooper’s ligaments. It is important that these very subtle connections are not exposed to any undue stress. Therefore, by wearing a bra, the breasts lift upward, improve posture, and prevent a lot of spine problems as well as long-term back pain. 

Thought: It’s more comfortable to go without a bra

It feels a whole lot better to not have to deal with digging, pulling, and pressing bras.

Reality: Bras can be comfortable, we promise!

A bra that doesn’t fit can cause a woman of any shape or size to have pain. We promise that bras can truly be comfortable. The key, though, is finding the right combination of style, shape, and size for your unique needs. This can vary not only by brand but also by style. Your Bra Sisters at Confidentially Yours can help you find the right bra JUST FOR YOU. Before COVID-19, we’d happily welcome you into our comfortable fitting rooms in our storefront and take you through the process of a professional bra fitting. However, because we cannot be open at this time for an in-person fitting, we can still work to help you by phone and email to find a bra that helps you feel comfortable and supported and then ship it directly to you! Feel free to call us at (217) 366-0244 and email at [email protected]

Thought: No sweating under the breast if I go braless

You might think that by not wearing a bra you will avoid sweat under your breasts from pooling. But in reality, it’s about choosing the right bra with the right materials.

Reality: There are “bra alternatives” that may better suited to your current casual living/working conditions

Stay at home order certainly falls into the category of casual. So why not find some “bra alternatives” that may be better suited for the t-shirts, sweatshirts, and tank tops that you’ve recently become accustomed to living instead of dress shirts and business / office attire.

  • Bralettes: The bralette is a slightly more unstructured option than a typical bra but it still provides support and brings about a feeling of comfort! The bralettes we offer come in various sizes, fabrics and more. Shop our Bralettes here.
  • Sports Bras: Sports bras can be a nice alternative, especially if you’re taking multiple walks with the dog during the day, or getting out to walk your block for some much needed fresh air. Even though the impact of walking may not be as much as your typical jog or exercise class, you still need to protect those delicate ligaments in your breast and supporting muscles. A good sports bra can help so very much! Shop our Sports Bras here.
  • Seamless Bras: A seamless soft bra (many of which come pocketed) have a high cotton content with no uncomfortable seams and soft removable molded & padded cups. It’s all about comfort and limiting chafing with a seamless bras! Shop our Seamless Bras here.
  • Cami with built in bra: Camisole tops are a great alternative to going braless and still provide some support. Amoena’s popular Valletta camisole top is soft and comfortable and features an integrated shelf bra with modal pockets. Shop our Amoena Valletta Camis here.

We miss seeing all of you in the store, but in the meantime, we’re here to serve you through our website,, by phone at (217) 366-0244 and via email at [email protected].