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Elomi Swim Bra: Designed For Support and Style

Elomi Swim Bra: Designed For Support and Style

One of the reasons why we love Elomi is that this brand carries its popular style, support, and fit from the land and into the water. And, choosing a look that is right for you is as easy as 1-2-3. Let’s take a look at how this swimwear is as unique and perfect as you!

Easy as 1-2-3

The Elomi Swim Bra bikini tops are bra sized and designed to give the same support, comfort and coverage as an Elomi lingerie bra. Step 1 is to choose a bra that fits best for your unique needs. Step 2 is to pick a style that makes you feel good and will hold up to your activities and lifestyle. For some that’s lounging poolside in a bikini, for others that is a supportive one-piece that will allow you to surf in style. For others, it’s something in between. With the Swim Bra, the best part, is that Elomi offers it all! Lastly, it’s time to personalize. Step 3 is where you can mix and match options based on what works for you. Start with the basic bra top and brief and expand that to include a tankini, one-piece, and more. We’ll go over all the great details below.

Swim Bra Sizes

Elomi offers a large array of bra-sized swim tops up to a K cup and available in a number of different styles and prints in sizes 14 – 26. Shop our collection in the store or online here.

Styling Your Elomi Swim Bra

The Elomi swim bra system comes in three different style options: the bikini, tankini, and one-piece swimsuit.

  • The Bikini Option: With the swim bra system you choose the top that fits just like your bra! And then you can team that with your preferred bikini brief style for the perfect two-piece look.
  • Tankini Option: Looking for a little more coverage than a bikini but not one-piece? Then the tankini is for you. The tankini tops feature very lightly molded cups that create the perfect shape but can also be worn OVER an Elomi bikini top for the ultimate uplift.
  • One-piece Option: We also carry one piece swimsuits. Like the tankini, these tops feature light molded cups and, when worn over the bikini top, give you ultimate support and lift.

With so many options available, it is definitely worth a trip into Confidentially Yours. The Bra Sisters at CY are available to help you every step of the way in customizing your swim style, and help to provide the foundations to a swim wardrobe that will have you feeling fit and fantastic as you head into the 2020 swim season. Or, if you’re not local to Champaign-Urbana and would rather shop our collection online, we invite you to browse and shop our website here. And feel free to call us with any questions at (217) 366-0244.