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Spanx Leggings – The Foundation of Your Fall Wardrobe

Spanx Leggings – The Foundation of Your Fall Wardrobe

Guest post submitted by CY customer Mindy B.

The days are getting shorter and the weather is getting cooler. I’m slowly starting to pack away the shorts and tee-shirts for the return of my cardigans, sweatshirts, denim, and leggings. Yes…leggings and joggers. I always look forward to this time of year. I love the feel of a cool fall breeze, bonfires, hayrides, and trips to the apple orchard. As fall recently just began, I long for the days when I can dress in my comfortable attire for running errands, shuttling my children to and from school, and lounging at home. I also strive to put together outfits for my work with children which are comfortable yet professional.

I am always on the lookout for fall attire that leaves me feeling put together and polished. It’s the little things that bring me joy, and those are such things as long sweatshirts, leggings, and a cute tennis shoe to tie the outfit together. I’ve purchased many leggings or joggers throughout the years; but, had never yet tried Spanx leggings. I had heard the reviews of people loving the pants, and how they appreciated their shaping capabilities, but had just never taken the time to order a pair. I’m not sure why I hadn’t taken the time to do so, but I decided that this would be the year. With more time at home this past year and anticipating more to come in the upcoming months, I was excited to expand my wardrobe.

I was very excited to learn that Confidentially Yours recently started carrying Spanx leggings. I’m always happy to support a local business with my purchases, and my love of comfortable clothing is real. When I set out on a dreary fall morning to purchase my leggings, I was greeted by cheerful staff when I arrived at the store. A wide selection of patterns and sizes were available for me to choose from. I have a tendency to go for more basic styles with my pants, because I often wear colorful, printed tops. There were black faux leather leggings, black camouflage leggings, green camouflage leggings, and plain “very black” leggings available for me to choose from. The leggings were available in sizes XS – 3X. I grabbed a few pairs of leggings to try on, and luckily, I found that the pair that fit me the best were in my typical size. I love when that happens. They were easy to slip on and stayed put when I gave them the “dressing room trial.” I jumped up and down a few times and danced (thankfully behind the closed door because no one needs to see that). When the leggings felt comfortable and also passed my fitting room test, I decided to purchase them. I was in and out of the store in about fifteen minutes with new attire in hand. I was also happy to be able to add a few more bra bucks to my customer shopping account because I’m working towards that free bra (yes….FREE). If you haven’t signed up to earn bra bucks, make sure that you do because there are some pretty good rewards available.

At home, I found a tunic length sweatshirt to wear with my leggings and decided to wear them the next day. I loved the way that the leggings felt on. I’ve worn many Spanx products in my lifetime, and these leggings did not feel as constricting as other shapewear products that I’ve worn. They also were not loose fitting, but seemed to give support in all of the areas that I desired extra shaping. I would not describe the fit as tight as athletic leggings that you might be familiar with, but I would describe it as more of “a just right hug.” The leggings are made of nylon and spandex which makes them flexible and moveable. I also have a long torso, so I was very happy to note that the leggings hit at and cover my waistline. When I took the leggings off for the day, I threw them right in the washing machine (turned inside out) on cold to wear again the next day.

I’m very happy that I decided to make 2020 the year that I purchased a pair of Spanx leggings. In the short time that I have owned them, they have already gotten a lot of use. I love the fact that leggings can be dressed up or down depending on what you put with them. Pair your leggings with a long cardigan or tunic length blouse, and you can be ready for a day at the office. Try a pair of pumps and some fancy jewelry, and the leggings could be ready for a night out on the town. Or, try my favorite….a tunic length sweatshirt and fun athletic shoes make for a comfortable and polished look for errands, car trips, or days around the house.

As I had eyed the green camouflage leggings inside Confidentially Yours, I have a feeling that I just might be making a trip back before too long in order to make those another part of my fall wardrobe. The black leggings definitely exceeded my expectations which makes me eager to return to purchase another pair. I think that you’ll find that Spanx leggings may just become the new foundation that you never knew you were missing in your fall wardrobe.

The Exact Bras To Wear Under Any Summer Outfit

The Exact Bras To Wear Under Any Summer Outfit

Summer has arrived. Temperatures are rising, lighter tops are back in the rotation, and our hot weather nemesis has returned: boob sweat. In this month’s blog, we’re going to explore how to choose the best bra for your summer looks.

Our summer wardrobes typically get lighter and flowier to combat the heat and humidity. We want to look good, but we also want to stay cool and comfortable. A bra that’s too restrictive can lead to chafing, especially on a particularly sweltering day. When moisture sits on the skin, friction from tight fitting straps or rough material mixed with sweat can irritate and get outright painful. Cooling fabrics and construction techniques can keep you comfortable even if you’re sweating buckets.

Comfort is key when choosing a summer bra, as is style. Summer tops tend to have thin straps or no sleeves, and you may not want visible bra straps to show. Fabrics also tend to be lighter in color and weight, which means an elaborate pattern may show through, or a thick material might make a t-shirt look lumpy. Your summer favorites may also show a little more skin, best complemented by a bra that either boosts or minimizes your cleavage, depending on your own personal style.

Material is key when it comes to picking a summer bra. Even a full coverage, padded, or post-mastectomy bra doesn’t have to smother you in the heat. Look for lighter cotton cups, like those found in the Amoena Katy Wire Free Soft Bra, or mesh panels for a cooling effect. Moisture-wicking fabrics can also help dissipate body heat, like that which is offered with Amoena’s Breathable COOLMAX® wicking fabric found in the Mara wire-free bra.

So, let’s dive into some specific styles that will keep you cool, comfy, and chic all summer long:

  • Deep plunge bra: If you are looking to show a little skin with your summer attire and want to accentuate your cleavage, a bra that offers a deep plunge is for you. Underwire and a horizontal construction give great support and lift, which helps prevent boob sweat. The straps are typically wider set, too, which helps hide straps with a wider-cut neckline like a boatneck or V-neck. We love Freya’s Offbeat Demi Plunge Moulded Bra in a delicate Earl Grey colourway with blush details. The sweetheart neckline offers enhanced cleavage and seamless cups ensure a smooth rounded shape under clothing.
  • Strapless : Whether it be a tank top, off-the-shoulder neckline, or a cold-shoulder cut, summer fashion can often leave us with nothing to hide a bra strap. A strapless bra can provide the solution, however in order for a strapless to hold everything in place, fit is key. No one wants to spend the afternoon tugging at a bra to keep it up, constantly worrying that it’s just going to slide down out of position .For a strapless bra to do the trick, it needs to do the following:
    • The underwire should sit under the arms, not the rib cage
    • The band around the rib cage should be snug, and the front of the bra—between the underwire on either side—should rest smoothly against the skin (known as tacking).

    One of the best selling and most popular strapless bras we carry is the Wacoal Red Carpet Strapless. Specially designed to stay in place, Wacoal’s supportive Red Carpet Strapless Bra features seamless contour cups that beautifully enhance your shape. It offers a cushioned lower bottom band for added comfort, the band and sides smooth and minimize bulge, and it converts to traditional, halter, crisscross, and one-shoulder styles. Plus – it has removable + fully adjustable straps!

    • Racerback: Another good solution to go under your favorite tank top or sundress is a racerback. Because the straps are positioned closer to the collarbone rather than over the shoulders, they leave more of your back free and clear, making this cut versatile with a number of different styles. Double up on two of our favorite summer bra styles (t-shirt bra and racerback) with the Fantasie Memoir Underwire T-Shirt Bra. This bra has light padding for a perfectly round shape and coated metal J-hooks for a comfortable racerback.
    • Bralette: Something light and simple is often more comfortable in the summer, and the simple bralette provides just that. Bralettes are perfect for those who do not need quite as much support. They can even function as a layering piece underneath a gauzy top, with a design that often looks more like a bikini top than an undergarment. Check out the Embrace Lace Wire-Free Bra in dew/coral. Not only are the colors perfect for summer, but this soft and sexy lace makes it comfortable for summer! It’s supportive, has back adjustable stretch straps, and converts for versatility. And let’s face it, summer clothing is all about versatility!
    • Sports: When it comes to avoiding chafing from physical activity on a hot day, a good sports bra is essential. With added support to hold your girls in while you run, jump, and play, these bras help keep you cool while you sweat. Look for a sports bra that comfortably anchors itself underneath to keep everything in place while you move around. One of our newest bras in the store and online right now is the Amoena Seamless Melange sports bra. It’s extra soft fabric dries quickly and retains shape while providing comfort during your whole workout. Bonus – this cute sports bra also comes with matching leggings!

    When picking out bras for the coming months, think about your favorite outfits, how you plan to spend your time, and what kind of support you need. There are plenty of options out there to keep you cool while you sizzle this summer.

    Stop in to see your Bra Sisters at Confidentially Yours for a complimentary bra fitting. Visit us Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.

    Make 2020 Your Best Year Yet With Activewear That Actually Fits!

    Workout with confidence in 2020 with the best bra for your workout! Did you know more than 8 out of 10 women wear the wrong bra size? Don’t be a statistic! Unlike everyday bras, a sports bra is specifically designed to deliver support (and comfort) while you exercise.

    Nearly every form of exercise will make your breasts move or bounce, regardless of the size of bra that you wear. When choosing a sports bra it is important to consider the type of exercise you will be doing. Are you running or jogging? Perhaps you’re participating in high-impact aerobics classes? Or maybe you’re beginning your exercise journey with low-impact walking or yoga. It is important that you get the right fit for your intended activity level.

    Keep in mind the type of exercise you will be doing when you think about the type of sports bra that you need. You will aim to choose a bra that will provide you with the right support while ensuring you are comfortable. Here are a few ways you can narrow down your sports bra search, based on your activity level:

    • Encapsulation sports bras: Encapsulation and compression technology holds your breasts securely in place, helping to reduce movement so that nothing holds you back!
    • Compression sports bras: Compressing the breast tissue close to the body provides maximum support and minimizes any unwanted movement.
    • High impact sports bras: If you’re off and running, literally, you’ll want to reduce bounce. A high impact sports bra can reduce bounce by up to 83%!
    • Low impact sports bras: Ease your way into exercise with a low impact sports bra. These bras provide comfort and movement – perfect for yoga and casual walking.


    This is a sport bra like no other! The Wacoal Sports Underwire Bra is designed for women of all shapes and sizes. It has a unique outside underwire that minimizes the movement of the breasts during workouts of any intensity.



    • Underwire sport bra for high-impact activities
    • Two-ply fabric cups
    • Cups with hidden inner sling for extra support in G and H cup sizes
    • Outside underwire frame keeps breast motion to a minimum
    • Moisture-wicking fabric helps to keep skin dry
    • Mesh back helps to keep skin cool
    • Close-set back straps with slide-and-hook adjustment

    When trying on your sports bra, don’t be afraid to go into your favorite yoga poses or run in place. Pro tip: stretch your hands up over your head. If the band creeps up, the bra is too big. Another great test to ensure your sports bra is the correct size is the finger slide. Slide a finger under the band and pull out. You shouldn’t be able to pull it more than an inch.


    We Are Here For You

    Still not sure which sports bra is the best choice for you? No need to worry! The staff at Confidentially Yours is trained to provide you with the best possible fit for an everyday bra, sports bra, or swimsuit. Walk-ins are always welcome, or, schedule an appointment at (217) 366-0244.