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The 5 most common questions we get asked – and our answers

The 5 most common questions we get asked – and our answers

Your Bra Sisters at Confidentially Yours are here to help you. No question is off limits and trust us when we say we’re asked a lot of questions. That’s why we thought it would be helpful to share five of the most common questions and their answers.


How do you tell if a bra fits correctly?

Like almost every article of clothing, how a “size” fits can really vary depending on who made the garment. So just knowing your usual band size and cup size might not necessarily get you the bra you need. To find the perfect fit, pay attention to these 5 features:

  • Comfort: You don’t want pokey underwire or elastic that cuts into your skin. If your bra makes your back hurt or irritates your skin, you don’t quite have the right fit. Bras don’t have to be uncomfortable!
  • Cup: A bra that fits right should comfortably cup the breast. See a gap in the cup, you’ve gone too big. Spilling over on the top or sides? Your cup is too small. What you want is a cup that comfortably cups the breast, with the section between cups sitting flat against the body.
  • Underwire position: Underwire should follow your natural shape. If it rides low, sits up on the bottom of the breast, or pokes your side, the fit is off.
  • Shoulder straps: Finding marks at the end of the day is a sign that the bra is not supporting you properly, and that weight is pulling down and tugging on the straps throughout the day. Straps falling down or consistently needed tightening is a sign that the elastic is wearing out.
  • Back strap: You don’t want the back of the bra pulling up towards your shoulders. This is a sign that your shoulder straps are doing all the support work. When it comes to good fit, you want the band to pull its weight too! A helpful test is to slip your straps down and see how much the bra sags. If the bra hardly sags, you’ve got the right fit.


Why does the band of my bra ride up?

When a bra truly fits, the band should sit straight across your back. If the band rides up, there are two possible causes:


  • Band is too loose: When selecting a new bra, feeling the band ride up on the widest is a sign to go down a size. Over time, the elastic in your bra will stretch, so you should start off with a snug fit from the get-go.
  • Straps are too tight: If you’ve tightening the shoulder straps as a way of lifting your breasts, you’re not getting the support you need. The bra band should do the heavy lifting.


Do I really need to replace my bras that often? They feel comfortable after I’ve worn them in.

As mentioned above, bras will stretch over time, which affects the support they provide. Yes, this is why there are multiple closure options, so that you can adjust over time, but eventually, your bra is going to lose its shape. When you find that the bra is loose enough to easily fit more than three fingers between the band and your skin at its tightest closure, or if you find the straps are always falling down—even after tightening them—the time has come to replace. It is hard to let go of a good bra, one that has served you well, but once it stretches out too much, you just will not get the support you need. One way to extend the life of each bra, however, is to have several in rotation, so that you are not wearing the same bra day in and day out.


Hand washing is a pain. Do I really need to do that?

The answer to this question really depends on how committed you are to extending the life of your bra. Washing a bra after every three wears is recommended to get rid of the sweat, oils, and deodorant residue that tends to build up and keep the material in good shape. The good news is handwashing bras is not as tricky as you might think. You can let them soak in a sink of water and detergent like one of these options that we offer at Confidentially Yours. After they have soaked, rub them gently to work out any stains, then rinse and hang them up to dry.

If you are adamantly against hand washing, get a mesh back for the washing machine and toss them in on the gentle cycle, preferably with no other clothes in the load. The key when the cycle is done, is not to pop the bras into the dryer. The heat of a dryer will break down elastic and delicate fabrics much faster than normal wear-and-tear, so always hang bras on a shower rod or lay flat to dry.


What kind of bras do I really need in my bra wardrobe?

Earlier this summer we shared with you our recommendations for essential summer bras. To fill out your wardrobe, consider these essentials to make sure you’re covered for any occasion:

  • A bra that matches your skin tone (plus a darker one that doesn’t): for light colors and fabrics, a bra that doesn’t contrast heavily with your skin will create a seamless look. For dark fabrics, you’ll also want a black, navy or other dark tone that won’t peek through.
  • A bra that gives you the coverage you desire: Whether your goal is to enhance your cleavage or minimize the size of your breasts, you will definitely want a bra that gives you uplift or full coverage. It is important to find a good bra that is comfortable and creates a silhouette you are comfortable with.
  • A t-shirt bra: a t-shirt bra can create a flattering, rounded shape that pairs well with a more casual look.
  • A sports bra: get the support you need while running, jumping, cycling, or dancing with a reliable, full-coverage sports bra to keep everything comfortably in place while you work out.
  • A convertible bra: whether your outfit has a halter neckline, bares your shoulders, or plunges low in the back, a good convertible bra works for any number of silhouettes, boosting your wardrobe versatility.
  • Specialty bras: Strapless, deep plunge, backless, racerback, nursing—your outfit, your life, and your body might need a specific fit. Our staff can help you find the right bra for the right occasion (and of course, the right fit to boot).

Stop in to see your Bra Sisters at Confidentially Yours for a complimentary bra fitting. Visit us Monday-Thursday from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m., Friday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.